A Library Advisory Committee consisting of seven members is constituted to suggest measures for the effective and smooth governance of the library. The functions of the committee are to assist and advice the Head of Library in formation of library policies, purchase of library materials, improvement of library and operational matter.  Every year a duly constituted Library committee is established under the chairmanship of Hon. Principal for book selection and policy decision making about the library.

Policy for Acquisition

Firstly, the library procures the books which are duly recommended by teachers and students through “Recommendation Form”.  Secondly, the library procures books on approval basis from various publishers and book-vendors considering the courses available in our college. The teachers are invited to approve the books by filling up the Requisition Form. Thus the approved books will be procured. Thirdly, the Librarian, with the help of his colleagues, purchases books. Book selected to the needs of the students both in terms of quality as well as quantity

Sr. No. Name Position
1. Dr. Dhanraj Shete (Principal ) Chairman
2. Dr. Sudhakar Thool (Librarian) Secretary
3. Dr. Pramod Fating (Commerce) Member
4. Dr. Sharad Sambare (Political Science) Member
5. Prof. Rekha Meshram (Home-Economics) Member
6. Dr. Prakash Sonak (Sociology) Member
7. Sou. V. M. Meshram (Head Clerk) Member