General Library Rules

  • A Register for all students is available at entrance of the library. Students are requested to make their entry in the Register while entering in the library.
  • The staff member of the Library at the entrance is authorized to examine everything that passes into or out of the library.
  • Talking, spitting, eating food, sleeping, or any behaviour calculated to disturb other readers or the discipline of the Library is strictly prohibited.
  • The Librarian has the power to suspend the use of the ticket and card of any member or to refuse admission to any one infringing any rules of the Library and/or to suspend or cancel the use of the borrower’s ticket and the Reading Room Card of any member.
  • No books shall be removed from the library by any person unless the person authorized has signed his name in the records maintained for the purpose or sent a signed receipt for the same to the librarian.
  • The Librarian may, at any time recall any book before the expiry of the period for which it was loaned and the borrower shall comply with such a requisition.
  • A member who keeps a book beyond the date on which it is returnable shall be required to pay a late fee of 1 Rs. per day per volume.
  • Every member taking a book out of the library and every reader within the Library shall be responsible for its safe custody and shall return it to the Library.
  • In the events of its being lost or damaged, he or she shall either replace it or pay the cost of replacement. If a book is “Rare” one, he or she shall be required to pay such compensation as the Librarian may think proper.
  • Reader shall not write upon, damage, tear off the leaves or make any mark either in pencil or ink upon any book, manuscript or map belonging to the library, nor shall they lay the paper on which they are writing upon any book, map or manuscript. The erasure of any mark or any written.
  • In case of a book belonging to a set or series is lost or damaged by a member and a new volume is not separately available, the whole set or series shall have to be replaced by the borrower.
  • Before leaving the counter the borrower should immediately point out any mutilations in the book to Librarian or assistant on duty or otherwise the borrower shall be held responsible for replacement of the book or payment of such compensation as may be fixed by the Librarian.
  • If a book remains unreturned for a fortnight after its due date, the borrower shall not be entitled to enjoy any library facilities till he returns the books and pays all the dues.

Property Counter

  • Personal belongings should be kept in property counter.
  • No valuable items viz., Money, Pass Books, Mobiles; should be kept in your bag while keeping them in property counter
  • Mobile Should be switched off or kept on silent mode inside library. Mobile use is restricted in reading areas.

Rules For Students

  • Identity card is compulsory to all the students enrolled.
  • Every student should possess identity card in the college campus. On demand, he / she should produce the same.
  • Duplicate identity card will be issued to the registered student if necessary after paying chargeable amount.
  • Senior (Degree) college students are given two books and junior college students are given 02 books for a week.
  • Students should take care of books issued to them. They should inform about missing pages to the library (counter) staff.
  • Missing page @ Re. 1/- per page and a binding charge of Rs. 10/- per book will be charged.
  • The lost / torn book will have to be replaced with latest edition. Otherwise, twice the price of the latest edition will be charged, subject to a minimum of Rs. 50/-.
  • Suggestion Box is kept in the library. Constructive suggestions / complaints are welcome.
  • In case of any grievances, contact the librarian.

Rules For Teaching & Non-teaching Staff

  • A teacher can borrow 10 books. Out of these 07 books should be related to his/ her subject ( including text books ), 02 books on fiction/ general interest and 1 book of any subject ( excluding text-book )
  • Fiction / general interest books are issued for 21 days. In case the teacher wants to keep them for more days, permission from the Principal should be obtained. Subject related text -books and subject related reference books are given to the teacher for one academic year.
  • In case a teacher wants text -book/reference book of a subject other than his/her own, a written permission ( Explaining the reason for borrowing) should be obtained from the Principal.)
  • Books/periodicals not returned within due date will be fined at the rate of Rs.1/- per week . The maximum fine will be Rs. 100/-
  • All the books/periodicals borrowed should be returned on or before April 30,otherwise twice the amount of the original price or the current price will be deducted as deposit from the salary.
  • Syllabus, question paper sets, Ordinance/ Directions etc. will not be issued. However, employees can borrow and go through them in the reading room.
  • Reference books, Costly books, Periodicals, will not be issued and meant only for reading in Library Premises.

Damage of Loss of books

  • In the case of book being lost or damaged he/she shall to replace the book. In case of out of print books he/she shall be required to pay not less than 2 times cost of the books.
  • In case of a book belonging to a set or series is lost of damage by a member/reader and a new volume is not separately available, the whole set or series shall have to new replaced by the borrower.
  • Such action shall be taken against a person for unauthorized removal of the books or other property of the library committee in its next meeting the action taken in this regard.